Geo-fencing creates a virtual barrier so that when a monitored device enters a defined boundary you have set prior, you receive instant notification.

This feature lets you:

  • Create an infinite number of authorized or restricted zones.
  • See details of when and how frequently a zone is visited.
  • Receive email notifications instantly when a predefined zone has been entered or exited.
  • View complete device movement on a convenient map.
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Why will you find the Geo-Fencing feature useful?

Having Geo-fencing by your side can ease many of your worries. With this useful mSpy feature, you'll be instantly alerted if a monitored device has fallen out of a safety zone. When it comes to keeping your kids safe and secure, mSpy is truly a must-have software solution. Businesses also are safeguarded when protected by mSpy technology. Many corporations are concerned about what employees are doing during work hours. By establishing defined parameters of where a monitored phone can go, you can eliminate the threat of data leaks and device.