<b>Monitor</b> Computer Activity <b>Remotely</b>

mSpy For
iOS Devices

  • Supervise any mobile device activity
  • Monitor gadgets’ use without jailbreaking
  • Get total security and safety



Look through all the contacts stored in a monitored phone.

Call Logs

View all incoming & outcoming calls on any iPhone.

Text Messages

Scan all text messages sent and received on a monitored device.

Browser History

Monitor user’s web activities on a target mobile device.


Sift through all event entries on a user’s device to ensure transparency.


Review all the notes taken down by the device’s user.

3 Steps to Start Monitoring

Obtain credentials

Get the iCloud credentials for the device to monitor it without jailbreaking (still, you may need to get physical access, if iCloud backup is off)

Select features

Select appropriate monitoring features for your device from the offered list (Click here for a list of features available with mSpy Without Jailbreak)

Start monitoring

After the correct filling of the required fields in the Wizard Setup, log into Control Panel to get data on the device activities at once

People use & say

It’s so great to have mSpy’s services! Now, I can monitor my teenage son’s mobile activity without any efforts. In addition to that, I don’t have to jailbreak his phone and arouse his suspicions!

Sondra W.

I was looking for an application which wouldn’t compromise the factory settings of the phone I wish to monitor. mSpy’s monitoring features are exactly what I need, without jail-breaking and other troubles. So simple at that!

Daniela M.

My company functions upon BYOD culture principles. Employees agreed upon monitoring their own devices, but without jailbreaking; mSpy fits in here perfectly. Security needs are satisfied: I’m able to monitor any phone; my employees don’t have to risk their personal information.

William B.

Read More About mSpy:

What is mSpy?

mSpy is an advanced palm-, lap- & desktop monitoring software for parents of minor children and business owners with employees who are properly notified of being monitored on company-owned devices.

mSpy covers a wide range of monitoring features and satisfies most various needs of tracking Calls, Emails, SMSs, GPS locations, Chat Applications, and Browser sessions of the target user.

Those interested in monitoring iOS devices without jailbreaking them are offered the advanced solution of mSpy without Jailbreak. Only iCloud credentials are required to start monitoring any device you wish.

There are some additional mSpy features: Contacts, Text Messages, Notes & Events; some more are underway.