How mSpy Works

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  • Supervise Internet activity taking place on a monitored phone by viewing visited websites and bookmarks n the Control Panel.
  • Monitor a phone's call history, including: call duration, the time when a call was made and received, the phone numbers of callers, and even the deleted call log history.
  • You receive full access to a monitored phone's address book.
  • All captured data is filed and stored in a single easy to access panel.
  • All events and tasks entered into a monitored device are logged for subsequent viewing in the Control Panel.
  • GPS tracking keeps you updated concerning your employees' activity, family members, or elderly people. View the current whereabouts on a convenient map in your Control Panel or check detailed route history in a specified period of time
  • All incoming and outgoing emails logs can be viewed via your mSpy Control Panel. Email history will display time, contact address, and contact name (if the sender's/recipient's email address is on the phone address book).
  • View photos taken, shared and stored on a monitored device.
  • Monitor Skype communications on a user's iPhone/iPad.
  • SMS MONITORING includes being able to see al phone details including: phone number, date, time, and the content of a text itself. All data can be easily retrieved by logging into your personal Control Panel.
  • All video and multimedia files are stored in your personal Control Panel, even those that have been previously deleted from the monitored phone.
  1. Purchase mSpy

    Purchase mSpy software conveniently from our website. Choose which subscription package you want, either for Home or Business monitoring, and complete the entire checkout process.

  2. Install and Set Up

    NOTE: You must have physical access to the device you wish to monitor for installation to take place.

    Check your INBOX to view the confirmation email from mSpy which will include a login link and accompanying login information. Follow the link and set up your personal Control Panel. Log into the Control Panel and follow our Set Up Wizard. This will guide you through installation.

  3. Start Monitoring

    Once installation is complete, mSpy will begin logging all mobile activity taking place on the monitored device. Have instant access to GPS Location,, SMS messages, Call Logs, and other activities taking place on a user's phone.